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Our goal is to engage children and young adults in reading through interactive experiences

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The Chronicles of the Dwarfs

The Chronicles of the Dwarfs (Danish only, “Dværgenes Krønike”) is a book series by Jacob Hedegaard Pedersen. He and Lionfish Crossmedia...


Svart is a science fiction story told through a book series and a game. Svart takes place in a post-apocalyptic...

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Lionfish Crossmedia

Storytelling. Interactivity. Engagement. We experiment with the interaction between traditional books and interactive media. Our goal is to encourage children and young adults to read more and learn more by using interactive media, like smartphones and tablets.

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Back in may 2016 Lionfish Crossmedia made a game in connection to the book SVART: Møllerne which was released the...